Book cover, painterly style. A young black woman holds a golden goblet full of water. She wears a maroon dress and a bright green cloak, and the background is gray and cloudy. Text on image is calligraphic and reads "SEVEN STORIES" at the top and "SIDNEY MARIS HARGRAVE" at the bottom.

Seven Stories


The first is jealousy, saved through faith; the second safety, found in homecoming. The third is no more or less a journey; the fourth a lonely stretch of street. The fifth is a dream which haunts; the sixth a mystery which taunts. The seventh, alone, is ended and begun.

This collection of tales from distant lands, of distant people, may not in its entirety be true – but it undeniably contains fragments of a whole truth.

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Black border around the edges, framing a painterly-style quilt with a red filter over it. Text reads "THE BLACK HILLS" at the top and "SIDNEY MARIS HARGRAVE" at the bottom.

The Black Hills


Aaron Reynolds lives a pretty quiet life for someone who hangs out in a cemetery with his friends. He goes to school, antagonizes his parents, and plays video games to avoid doing his homework. So when his best friend’s cousin comes to town, he doesn’t really expect anything to change. Sure, maybe they’ll have an annoying hanger-on for a few months, but then everything would go back to normal.

The problem is, Col Spurling is the farthest thing from ordinary, and dismissing him may be the worst mistake Aaron’s ever made.

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